Manage Comics reboot Fall 2023 is an in-depth discussion and presentation about Manage Comics, a service for comic book retailers. Key points include:

  1. Introduction: Brian, the host, introduces the episode and talks about the evolution of Manage Comics, including its beginnings in 2015 and the transition to Manage Comics 2 in 2020.
  2. Service Overview: Manage Comics is built on Shopify and is the only comic subscription solution available in the Shopify app store. It simplifies subscription management for comic book stores, offering an easy interface for customers and intuitive tools for retailers.
  3. Bob’s Comics Case Study: The video discusses a fictional store, Bob’s Comics, to demonstrate how Manage Comics simplifies the management of comic subscriptions and integrates seamlessly with Shopify.
  4. Community and Support: The Manage Comics community helps store owners with various challenges, and the team is committed to providing excellent support and documentation.
  5. Future Developments and Goals: The video outlines future plans, including international order support, Shopify API updates, a back issue module, and goals like reaching 300 stores by the end of the year.
  6. Rebranding and New Features: There’s a discussion about rebranding Manage Comics with new visual elements and features to make the service more user-friendly and efficient.
  7. Industry Collaboration: Brian talks about the Comet Data Standard, a collaborative effort with publishers, distributors, and retailers to create a metadata standard for the comic industry.
  8. Question and Answer Session: The latter part of the video is a Q&A session where Brian addresses specific queries from users about Manage Comics and its features.
  9. Conclusion: The video ends with Brian thanking the viewers and a brief closing segment.

The video is a comprehensive look at Manage Comics, focusing on its features, benefits for comic book retailers, upcoming enhancements, and its role in the larger comic book industry.

Watch Manage Comics Reboot Fall 2023 below!