Rather than tackling a big project for the beginning of the year, we decided to take all of our small fixes and bundle them up into a series of releases that we would produce over the first three months of 2023.  This led to 18 individual changes, including 3 changes that we’re doing final tests on before releasing out to the world.

2023-03-10 Pre-Order Auditing, FOC sorting, pagination fixes

As a store, I would like better auditing on pre-order statuses.

We added better auditing of everything that’s happening with Pre Orders.
Specifically, you will now know:

  • When order was placed
  • Who placed the order (customer name vs admin)
  • Timestamp when status was changed
  • Who changed the status

Once tracking, on the Customer Activity page, where we list Pre Orders, we added the following fields:

  • Placed – date the pre-order was placed
  • Approved – date the pre-order was approved by the admins
  • Placed by – Was the pre-order placed by the customer, or the admins?
  • FOC Date (in the Title) – Add the FOC date (from GeekFetch) in the title
  • Accepted Date – When was the item accepted by the customer

Clicking an item in the status will open up a modal with the following items:

  • 2023-01-02 3:58pm: Order created by (customer name or Admin)
  • 2023-01-04 5:05pm: Status changed to “Awaiting Approval” by Admin
  • 2023-01-04 5:05pm: Status changed to “Accepted” by (customer name)

As a store, I would like to be able to sort Pre-Orders by Date, or Customer Name

On Customer Activity, we added the ability to sort by Customer, Date Placed, and Date Approved.

As a store, on FOC Updates, I would like sorting by Vendor to be by vendor then by Description.

When using FOC Weekly report, we used to allow sorting by a specific column.

We added a bit of additional logic to sorting: when sorted by any field other than “Description”, it should first sort by selected field, and then by Description in ascending order.

So if I sort by Vendor, products for each vendor should be sorted by description in alphabetical order.

As a Manage Comics store, the pagination on my Manage Comics pages should use my colors

We changed this so that pagination now uses the same logic as our button color and link color logic, while theme-link-color is whatever the theme sets (the same way we set breadcrumb link colors).

2023-02-19 PRH Initial Orders change, Shopify Default Location

We did a couple of small updates that were released on Saturday February 19th.

As a store, when doing my initial orders for PRH, I would like to be able to copy the info from a textbox

QTY in a

On the PRH website, in order to create a new order, you upload SKU’s into the form and it generates an order.
Manage Comics now has the ability to display the Sku in a modal window with the ability to copy the items with a single button click.

As a store, I would like to choose the default location in Shopify where Check-Ins get populated to

Shopify tells the API that the first location created is the “Default” location (even if you have set a default location in Shopify), we have now added a setting, so that you can choose which location is your default location.

We also did a bunch of bug fixes around sorting.

2023-02-03 Full Data CSV Export for Pulls

As a store who needs specific data, I would like a file as formatted in Manage Comics 1.0

A few of our stores in Manage Comics Classic have been using a specific file we created for them in Manage Comics Classic, they import it into another system to generate orders at the register.

This file is available for download on the Check In > Pulls by Date page, with the button: “Download Full Data CSV”.

2023-02-01 Universal Distribution, Active Subscription Count, Initial Order changes, Alt and Title on front end

As a store using Universal Distribution, I want to be able to use Universal Distribution for my invoices to check in

This one has been in the works for a while, we can import the upcoming Universal Distribution invoices (they are not currently available for public consumption).

As a store, the active subscriptions count is wrong on All Customers page, and displays incorrect discount

The # of subscriptions and discount % were displaying incorrectly on the All Customers and individual customer pages (they were counting inactive subscriptions).

The discount calculation on the pulls was correct, it was just the display here that was wrong, so we fixed the display!

As a store, Initial Order the Diamond/Lunar/PRH Uploads should ONLY show items with QTY

The upload file was showing items with 0 QTY. We fixed it so now it only shows items with at least 1 QTY.

As a customer I would like alt and title information to be added to all front end links

In order to make sure that Manage Comics pages are compatible with accessibility requirements, we made sure Alt tags are on all images, and title tags are on all links. You’ll see alt tags if you hover over any images on Manage Comics, they now reflect the title of the image that they represent.

2023-01-23 Revert Errored Orders, Multiple Distributions, Unapproved Items, Print Styles

As a store, when an order errors out, I would like to be able to re-generate the order

Previously if an order ended up erroring out, we just dumped it in the error tab, now you can re-generate this error (and we store the reason for the error which is usually some variation of “Shopify hiccuped”).

As a store, I do not want unapproved Items to show up on Customer Lists

This was just confusing, all items (approved and unapproved) would show up on customer pre-order lists. We removed unapproved items, they will only show up in “Customer Activity” now.

This means that discounts based on # of subscriptions will be reflected properly in the All Customers page going forward (we verified they were being calculated properly, just not displayed properly).

As a store, I would like to be able to print out a customer list or a pull list.

Added print styles to the Customers Lists screen and to the Pull Lists – selecting File > Print will give you a much nicer listing now!

Pull Lists Preview

Pull Lists Preview

Customer List Print Screen:

Customer List Print Screen: