We’ve put together a brief, 4 minute overview of Manage Comics that showcases the superpowers Manage Comics gives your store.

This overview of Manage Comics shows you everything you need to know about the customer side of Manage Comics, and a brief overview of the back-office tools to manage subscriptions easier than you’ve ever done before.

Starting out from your website, going to your store’s Manage Comics front end.

Looking at your customer’s “My Subscriptions” page, going to individual subscription products, and adding a new subscription to their list.

Your customer adding a new special order to their list (and the options you have from the store end with special orders).

Logging in as the store owner, starting at your dashboard.

Processing a special order, and the power that you get processing a special order.

Reviewing your customer orders.

Doing your pulls, and getting an email about your orders.

Reviewing your “Pulls this week” list.

Generating your initial orders.

Manage Comics in 4 Minutes