The comiXology pull list application is being discontinued, and is offering an excellent replacement

For Immediate Release:

(United States) For over a decade, the comiXology Pull List service has been providing comic book stores with a way for their customers to easily manage their monthly comic orders, giving retailers an effective way to manage their store ordering and ensure their customers get what they want. As of March 31, 2018, the service is being discontinued.

In order to provide a solution for comic stores and their customers, Manage Comics has made efforts to replace the comiXology pull list service.

“We are excited to announce Manage Comics,” stated company founder Brian Garside. “We offer a pull list service designed for comic stores, making subscriptions easy to manage and giving customers the ability to control their own lists. In the long run, our new service is going to help comic stores improve their ordering, which in turn, will ultimately lead to more sales and higher profits.”

While comiXology’s solution was the go-to resource for years, there are new features offered by Manage Comics that improve substantially upon the Pull List service. Some of the most appealing new features include a customizable storefront, automated billing, marketing email messages and more. Additional information About Manage Comics and the new features and services offered is available on the website.

“Getting started with our new Manage Comics service is easy thanks to the 32-page guide we have released,” continued Garside. “Our guide provides information on how the service works, and how to set it up. We also offer a Manage Comics webinar, which provides even more information on the services our new service has to offer. Those interested in accessing the guide, or learning more about the webinar, can go online and fill out the easy, short form to receive the information.”

Additional information about the new Manage Comics service and how to begin using it can be found at the company’s website, where a new webinar is also available to register for.


Manage Comics is offering a superior solution for the discontinued comiXology Pull List. With this tool, pulling comics has never been easier. Comic stores can select what has arrived, update exchange rates and prices and more with the click of a button on this easy to use and well-designed service. Additionally, it provides customers with the ability to create their own lists, providing more flexibility and versatility than ever before. Designed with comic book store managers and end-customers in mind, the new service provides all the features and more of the former service.

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