We did an Ask Me Anything on YouTube this week, hosted by Brian Garside where we answered questions posed by folks on the Manage Comics 2.0 waitlist. We expected about 20 minutes of Q&A, but we ended up going for 45 minutes! Thanks to everyone who participated in the AMA.

We started off with some quick housekeeping regarding Manage Comics 1.0.

Initial Orders from different distributors are now available in Manage Comics 1.0.  We walked through setting up distributors and attributing publishers to different distributors.

We talked about Manage Comics 2.0, what it is, what the pre-requisites are, and what will be optimal.

Manage Comics 2.0 pre-requisites:

  • Shopify ecommerce (required)
  • Shopify POS or BinderPOS (optional)

That’s it. Shopify is essential as it acts as the front end and the ordering platform for invoices.  Shopify POS or BinderPOS will help us get sales data on the back end so that we can build you good reports.

Questions we covered:

  1. How does one special order books that aren’t there? Such as a C cover from the new venom series?
  2. How do we fix images that don’t have them for items?
  3. How will we migrate from Pullbox/RMS to Manage Comics?
  4. Can customers see and order back issues through Manage Comics?
  5. How does the theme and style combine with BinderPOS?
  6. How does the system understand special orders or subscriptions?
  7. Can people pay for stuff through Manage Comics 2?
  8. Can customers view pre-orders and special orders with release dates?
  9. Can I use the system without Shopify?
  10. Is there a listing for all FOC items?
  11. How does someone order a C or D cover?
  12. The search bar doesn’t seem to be able to search by Diamond or Lunar codes?
  13. Canadian / UK Pricing – we are adding pricing tables.
  14. How often does Manage Comics update new additions to the product listing?
  15. If a customer wants to make a special order for something that is in stock, can you track that in Manage Comics?
  16. How do we create items or series that don’t show up?
  17. When will you be supporting custom ids for Customers
  18. How do products get updated after a publisher changes the release date?
  19. What if I order books from one distributor, and then I get them in from another distributor? Will it double pull those books?
  20. What is the timeline for launch?