The comiXology Pull list application has been retired for nearly a month now, and April 26th is your last chance to get your customer lists and your pull lists from comiXology according to their pull list retirement FAQ.

Will the Retailer Portal be available after March 30th, 2018?
The Retailer Portal will be available until April 26th, 2018.

Getting your customer lists and subscriptions lists is a little bit tricky, but we wrote a “How To” specifically for this purpose – and it was carried by Bleeding Cool. See – How to Pull Your Pull List From ComiXology Before It Closes.

While we would love it if you tried out Manage Comics (free for 30 days), you do not need to be using Manage Comics to download your pull list!

Here’s the method in a nutshell:

Step 1: Get Your Customer List

  • Log into your comiXology Retailer portal, and click “Customers” from the top navigation.
  • In the right hand bar, select “Export Customers as CSV”
  • The file will be emailed to you as a CSV in about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Download Your Subscriptions

This one takes a little more work, but it’s not too hard.

  • In the top navigation, select “Reports”.
  • In the third header, select “Subscription Report by Customer”
  • It takes about a minute to generate, but a page will come up with all of your subscriptions listed by customer.
  • On a PC, hold down the [CTRL] key and click the [A] key, then hold down the [CTRL] key and hit the [C] key.
  • For the Mac, hold down the [command] key and hit [A], then hold down the [command] key and hit [C].
  • Open Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet.
  • Click on the first cell, and right click with your mouse, then select “Paste Special”
  • Choose “text” as the type of paste.

This will paste all of the content without formatting into the spreadsheet software of your choice.

You now have your comiXology customer list, and your comiXology subscriptions list.

You can see all of these instructions, with pictures to help clarify them, on the Manage Comics help section – Exporting from comiXology.

Got questions? Need help? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help! We have migrated dozens of shops over to Manage Comics, and we’d be happy to discuss migrating your store too!