In today’s climate, just putting things on your website isn’t enough to get people to buy. You need to market your goods in order to sell them, but marketing doesn’t have to mean paid ads, with many people spending much more time online, and with simple, integrated tools, you can market your products to an eager audience that’s interested in the things you are selling.  In this post we’re going to look at marketing your products on Instagram.

Why Should I Promote My Online Store and Products on Instagram?

Instagram has 15x more engagement than Facebook or Twitter! If you’re not promoting your Comic Store and Comics on Instagram, it’s time to consider making that business profile to get right in front of your future customers.

According to Locowise, 60% of Instagram users learn about a product or service on the app, while 75% take action after viewing a post. If you’re not using this social media powerhouse for your comic book sales, you’re missing out!

More users are turning to Instagram (instead of Google) to search for brands. And with the easy hashtag feature, a stunning logo, and well-crafted photos, it’s not difficult for you to position yourself online in front of the right audience.

What Should I Include in My Instagram Business Profile?

Your Insta Business Profile should include an easily identifiable logo, a well-written bio, and a link to your shop URL that users can click to visit your store. You can drive traffic from your posts and stories.

You can use Instagram Stories to capture products, promote special discounts and sales, or showcase a new item. You are allowed to advertise to your target market, where you are in charge of your desired audience’s attributes.

How Do You Use Instagram to Promote Products You Have On Your Online Store?

There are several ways you can promote products. One way is to sell your products directly on Instagram.  Instagram’s shopping feature allows companies to tag products that are up for sale and lets users purchase them directly within the app. “Instant Purchases” is a feature that enables the user to add items to a cart and buy products instantly from images on your feed.

Another way to promote a product is to go live, post stories, and get on IGTV. You may decide you want to answer quick questions with the stories feature. It allows you to post 60 seconds of video. You can also add a product sticker to stories, where users can click on it and go to the product details page.

How Do You Link to Products on Your Instagram Feed?

Instagram requires you to have a Facebook ‘Shop’ before having shoppable posts on your account.

  1. Go to your Facebook page and view the left-hand side to see if you have a ‘Shop’ tab.  Click it. (If you don’t have a shop tab, select the ‘add a button’ button underneath your cover photo, choose the ‘shop now’ option, click ‘next,’ choose ‘shop on your page’ then ‘finish’)
  2. Go back to your Facebook Page. Click the ‘Shop’ tab  on the left sidebar and select  ‘set up shop.’
  3. Have customers option of checking out on Facebook or Website
  4. Follow prompts until setting up the shop. You can manually add products or migrate them to your Facebook shop.  (A tutorial exists for Shopify and Woocommerce)
  5. Go to your Facebook page. Select ‘settings’ then ‘Instagram’ on the left sidebar. Log in to your IG account. Once you link your FB and IG, your shoppable IG capabilities will be pending automatically. Wait until your account is approved to use the product tagging features.
  6. Click the ‘get started’ link and finalize the connection between your Facebook Shop and Instagram account by selecting ‘products’ and selecting ‘Facebook shop’ and ‘done.’

Be Hashtag-Happy and Get in Front of the Right Audience

One of the best ways to reach new audiences is getting creative with hashtags. These can potentially put your comic store and products in front of millions of people. It is better to focus on a few handfuls of highly targeted, highly trafficked hashtags. Check out what influencers in your niche and your competition are using in the way of hashtags.

Using the right hashtags in your posts can help you effectively reach the right people interested in buying your products. The hashtags must not only describe your photos but be popular and well searched.

Try interacting with accounts that are similar to yours, and respond to others’ comments. Check out some #ComicCon hashtag threads, and search for people that are crazy about comics.

Hashtags like #comiccollector #comicbookart #igcomics #batman and #igcomiccommunity are recommended for this area of Instagram.

Shopify is Perfect for Your Comic Store Instagram

Shopify has a shopping feature integration, where Instagram is an immense driver of Shopify merch store traffic. Shopify has a plugin called “Shoppable Instagram Galleries” that allows businesses to make sales. With the Instant Purchase, users can order and pay for their products on the app, making your sales for you.

Manage Comics can help you start your Shopify journey, find out more about Shopify for comic stores!