In-store events are a great way to engage your customers. Invite everyone to your next amazing event by learning how to promote an event using Facebook.

Imagine if you threw a big event at your comic book store and no one came.

Just an empty store with no customers — that would feel horrible, right? Luckily for you, you have a Facebook page for your store, and you’re going to use it to create an event. After all, Facebook has almost 2 billion users actively using it, so the event has to be a success.

Well, not exactly.

As it turns out, there’s a little more to it than simply creating an event page. However, if you follow our guide on how to promote an event, you’ll surely find success.

Ready? Let’s talk about how to promote an event for your comic book store on Facebook.

Step 1: Use your store’s Facebook page

It looks much more professional if your store’s Facebook page is the one creating the event. Many people might not want to go to John Smith’s comic book event.

If you followed the steps in our previous post: How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Comic Shop, then you have a page, if you don’t go do that first.

To set up an event, all you need to do is go to your store’s page.

On the status posting, you should see a button that says “Products, Offer, Job+.” Click on this, then click on “Create an Event,” and you’re on your way!

Step 2: Fill in ALL the details

No one wants to go to an event they don’t know about.

When you’re thinking about how to promote an event, you need to think about all of the details required for your event.

  • Where is it?
  • What time?
  • Who should attend?
  • Are there special guests?
  • Is there a theme?
  • What’s going to be happening?
  • And the big one: will there be free food?

Make sure to fill in adequate detail for all of the fields on the event page.

It’s also helpful to add a call-to-action to get your audience moving. Tell them why they should be there!

Step 3: Choose a compelling, beautiful picture

Stop yourself from using Facebook’s canned photos.

Instead, use a picture that’s personal to your business, one that invites people in. Use something that’s eye-catching or interesting to look at; it’s more likely to get people to read your event.

As a comic book store, you might want to try creating an event picture that looks like a comic book panel! Something personal like that creates a nice tone for the event and draws in attendees.

Step 4: Invite friends and keep them updated

This is the easy last step for how to promote an event.

Finally, you need to invite some customers. While you might think all of your friends already see the event, it creates more visibility if you can invite them to the event directly. They can even invite their friends!

You also need to keep fans of the event updated.

One tip: it can be annoying to continually receive emails about an event. Consider doing all of your updates before inviting anyone — that way, people who join can automatically read up on dress code, event features, and anything else necessary.