During these unprecedented times, and in the early days while we still don’t know exactly what the future will hold, Manage Comics has systems in place that can help your store continue to earn income, even in the eventuality that you can’t remain open.

If you are not already on Manage Comics, there is no time like the present.  Get in touch with us and we’ll get you set up faster than you thought possible. What’s more, you can start billing customers for orders immediately!

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Part of the Manage Comics system is an entire billing engine, which allows you to invoice your customers for the orders you have pulled.  You can also edit those orders to add extra items easily.

Getting it set up is extremely easy.  Before you do though, we’d recommend you send out a quick email to your customers.

See our help section – Sending emails to customers.

Here’s a quick template for some ideas around what to say. The idea here is to introduce the idea of online invoicing for their orders, explain that it will help you with your cashflow, and help them get their comics with less risk.

Subject: ***Store Name*** now offering direct billing for subscriptions

Body: Hi there;

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic upending so much of our society, we have made a change to our store to allow you to pay for your pulled comics online and ***Add details of pickup here***.  This will help to keep our store open as we deal with the challenges of still paying for product, and can get things into your hands faster with less risk to any of us.

You will be seeing an email from <store name> shortly with a subject line: Your ***Store Name*** subscriptions are ready to be paid.  This email will have a direct link to our shop where you can pay for your invoice.

We’ll get a notice that your invoice is paid, and you’ll be able to pick up your books without doing any transactions in store.

Thanks for helping us out during this time.

***Storeowner – Store Name***

Step 1: Tax Rates

Make sure that you’ve got taxes set up properly.  This will allow you to collect sales tax on orders through Manage Comics, and use our reporting features to record the taxes charged after the fact.

Set up Tax Rates with Manage Comics

Step 2: Set up Shipping Rates (optional)

By default stores offer local pickup, but you can also optionally add shipping rates by state through our shipping rates settings.  If you’re not going to be shipping orders out, you can safely skip this step.

Set up Store Shipping Rates

Step 3: Set up a Payment Gateway

Manage Comics supports Stripe (simple credit card processing), Paypal, and Square payment processing.  Stripe can also be used to save Credit Card information so that customers can be automatically billed going forward.

Set up Stripe or Paypal for payments.

Step 4: Billing Customers

Once you’re set up for billing, invoicing your customers is very simple.  You can invoice a single customer, or many customers. Our system will send out an email to each customer and let them know that their order is ready to be paid.

How to invoice your customers.

We hope that this will help you keep your business liquid during this time, and give you another option.

Please, no matter what you do, stay safe out there, and stay healthy.