One thing we love about comic book stores is the physical experience. But here’s why you should give customers more control with online ordering to improve sales.

Are you looking for a way to increase sales at your comic book store?

One way to improve sales is by offering customers a way to manage their subscriptions online!

The National Retail Federation predicted that in 2017, online sales will grow at a rate three times faster than retail sales!

This is a figure you can’t afford to overlook as a business owner and comic book enthusiast, but you can adapt your brick and mortar store to reap the benefits of online opportunities.

Wider Audience

When you offer comics for sale online, you are able to reach a wider audience than just being a traditional brick and mortar business. Bringing your comic book sales online opens you up to any potential customer with an internet connection.

While walking into a comic book shop and looking through the inventory with other readers is a lot of fun, the reality is that it’s not possible for some customers.

Some of your customers may not have reliable transportation to and from your shop. Others may not have the time to drive out of their way to make a purchase in person.

By bringing your product online, you bring your existing and potential customers a convenient way to get what they want!

Customer Preferences

You can improve sales by delivering your customers what they want through their preferences online.

Customers can log on to a subscription management tool like Manage Comics and update their subscription list as they want. This allows your business to ensure that you have the inventory for your customers that they want.

Knowing what your customers want also helps you to make sure you don’t have what they aren’t interested in. This helps you control your inventory and avoid the unnecessary costs of storing these comic books.

More Targeted Marketing

When you bring your subscription management online, you can also improve sales by using more targeted marketing.

You can use the behavior of your customers to help you recognize patterns in their buying decisions. This way you can help target marketing specific to an individual or a group of customers with similar interests.

For example, maybe one customer purchases a Batman comic book each month. He or she may be interested in buying comic books that are similar to Batman. You can send them emails with special offers or suggested purchases that they might like to buy!

Improve Sales by Going Online

At ManageComics, we offer you a unique way to offer comic book subscriptions to your customers online.

Our unique system helps your comic book store run more efficiently. It gives your customers more of what they want. It also allows you to bring a wider range of products to a bigger audience without adding to your inventory, which will help you improve sales over time.

By doing this, you are able to connect with your customers in a better way and run a better business!

Check out our 32 page guide to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level online!