We brought the Thoughtstream back and talked all about our little pet project GeekFetch.

First off we defined “Hybrid Retail”, and what that means, then we went into the secret origin of GeekFetch, why we decided to build it, and what it can do for us.

In addition to being a great tool for us to manage data for our own purposes, we realized we could build data for Shopify and WooCommerce stores as well, so we went ahead and did that!

Now we have a tool that allows a store to upload an invoice, and quietly create products behind the scenes.

We went through the process of using GeekFetch, what it does for your site, and how it makes every page you have better.  You can watch the entire thing below, but first…

We want to make the Thoughtstream better!

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Development Updates:

What we did:

  • BUG: FOC presents an error and doesn’t upload properly to Diamond.
  • BUG: On a Mac, when I drag a file into the box, it presents “File type is not Valid”, but still takes the file.
  • BUG: As a store, when I upload both a Diamond AND a Lunar invoice at the same time, I get crazy qty’s for DC/Lunar
  • As a customer, I would like smart filters on search results, search should not return types/publishers I disable
  • As a store, I want my charges to be listed as “Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions – Small – $price
  • As a GeekFetch admin, I want to be able to set Ratios on comic data
  • As a GeekFetch admin, I want the publishers sort to work properly

What we’re verifying:

  • BUG: Items that are not subscribable have “Subscribe to Series” on them.
  • BUG: On settings the current theme doesn’t change. Adding an ID to the button causes a 500 error
  • BUG: As a store, I can accidentally create “Ghost Subscriptions”
  • As a store I want to set my distributors
  • As a store, I want to create initial orders with Penguin Random-House

What we’re working on:

  • As a customer I want to easily Subscribe to Single Issue, Subscribe to Series, Subscribe to Cover
  • As a customer, I would like to understand how the Add, Delete, QTY
  • As a store owner, I would like to see discounts on all of my customers
  • As a store, I want to know what customers are Manage Comics customers
  • As a store, I want to know which customers have been disabled for Manage Comics in Shopify.

What we’re analyzing and creating specs for:

  • As a store, I want my initial order and FOC reporting to show order history and sales history
  • As a store, I want to change the “Pulls” concept to “Check In”
  • As a store, if a customer adds a pre-order, deleting it should require approval by the shop owner
  • As a Non US Store, I want to set prices on a price matrix
  • As a customer, like products should be grouped
  • As a store, I want the admin of adding subscriptions/pre-order to be more graphical (similar to the web side)