We have completely revamped our help pages, and we talked about them on the latest Manage Comics Thoughtstream.

We have revamped a ton of different pages including:

Getting Started with Manage Comics – the new location of our guide, as well as an overview of our help section.

How to Install Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions – a brand new page that walks you through the famous 8 minute install.

Updated Workflows:

All of our workflows now have videos associated with them and have been updated with the latest screen shots and information.

Daily Task – Add a Customer to Manage Comics
How do you create a new customer in Manage Comics? It’s a two step process, but it’s relatively straight forward!

Daily Task – Edit a customer’s subscriptions
Quick walkthrough on how to edit a customers subscriptions in MC2

Daily Task – Approve Pre-Orders
Simple walkthrough on processing customer Pre-Orders

Weekly Task – New Mid-Week Shipment (No Invoice file)
Get non-FOC, non-invoiced shipments into the system, while making sure that your subscriber items get caught by MC2

Weekly Task – Check in Weekly Shipment
A quick walkthrough on entering your weekly shipment into MC2/Shopify, and pulling customer subs.

Weekly Task – Invoice Orders
Manage Comics lets you invoice orders for customers to pay entirely online. They can then pick up in store, or have their orders shipped to them.

Weekly Task – Send subscriber emails
Because books come in on several different days of the week, we can’t automatically send out subscription emails, but we have a simple process for YOU to let your customers know about what is ready for them.

Monthly Task- Diamond Initial Order Upload
A simple walkthrough on how to upload your monthly Initial Order onto Diamond

Monthly Task – Previews Email
Want to encourage your customers to sign up for new comics? Try this little trick to send out a monthly Previews email!

Newly Revamped Guides:

Manage Comics 2 Install Guide

Manage Comics 2 User Manual