We’ve released new updates to Manage Comics which incorporates UCS and Lunar codes into various places.  We’ve also updated the admin side to allow you to generate initial order and FOC information for Diamond, UCS, and Lunar.

How it works:

Initial Order Reports

Navigate to Reports > Initial Order Report

By default, the Diamond report shows up, to get to the Lunar or UCS reports, just click on the blue links in the right side of the screen.

UCS doesn’t have an Initial Order Process right now, but when they eventually do, you’ll have that ability.

FOC Weekly Reports

For FOC reports, navigate to Reports > FOC Weekly

By default the Diamond FOC opens up, you can upload FOC files for both Lunar and UCS.

Click on the blue links in the right side of the screen.

You will find help for all three FOC systems in the blurb at the top of the page.

You can save and upload a Diamond order, but you’re only able to save a Lunar or UCS order currently, in our tests we found inconsistent results in how the companies process uploaded files, we’ll continue working with Lunar and UCS to make this process better.

Diamond FOC’s will link through to the PreviewsWorld page for the specific product.  Lunar and UCS don’t currently link through to anything, but we hope to have a solution for that soon (Lunar doesn’t have product pages, and UCS has a system that we can’t figure out).

Thanks for all of your patience during this period as we work through all of these massive changes to the industry.

As always, we test our changes to the best of our ability, but your results may end up being different than ours, if you find any issues, please contact us and we’ll look into them right away.

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