If you’ve operated a comic book store for any length of time, you’ve likely established some form of inventory and subscription management. Even so, you almost certainly experience certain inefficiencies: ordering, for instance, is universally recognized as a frantic guessing game that eats up most of your day once a month. And customer queries can also be a time-sink as you attempt to juggle even the most well-organized pull lists. At Manage Comics, we get it⁠—and we also get that you may be hesitant to transition to a whole new management software when your current system works just fine. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top five things you need to know about us that just might convince you to take a closer look.

1. Manage Comics Simplifies Comic Pulls

Our users frequently say that Manage Comics’ pull functionalities are among the most useful, offering substantial time savings over other methods. The key is in our streamlined interface: we compile all customer pull requests into one Do Pulls page, with options to sort by title or customer. In addition to viewing all relevant information about the pulls, you can also edit pricing and exchange rates right from the same page. With Manage Comics, you’ll never miss a pull again.

2. We Give Customers Control

Manage Comics is designed with the needs of comic book fans in mind. The software comes complete with a customer-facing view that allows patrons to review and update their lists without the need to call or visit the store. It’s so easy that users tend to add an average of four new titles per month, which is higher than our customers typically see with other methods. And these features don’t just benefit customers: empowering readers to manage their own subscriptions frees employees from dealing with frequent questions and data entry tasks that could easily fall to a computer, anyway.

3. It’s Easy to Automate Alerts

Email updates represent one of your most powerful tools for keeping loyal customers informed, but large email lists can quickly become cumbersome. Manage Comics integrates email marketing functionality into the rest of its functions, allowing customers to receive updates about pull requests, new titles, and even special events.

4. Your Cash Flow Will Instantly Improve

Managing cash flow is hard, especially in an industry that survives on subscriptions and pre-orders. That’s why Manage Comics comes with tools for standard and instant invoicing, guaranteeing that you will get paid when you shell out for a new issue.

5. We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

Running a comics shop should feel like a labor of love (with the emphasis on “love”). To help you reach this balance, we are constantly developing and publishing strategies to help you improve your store, whether or not you adopt our software. Whether it’s promotion, stocking, or customer service you find tiresome, we’re always here to make it easier.

And One More: We Help You Sell More Comics

The bottom line? Stores that use Manage Comics sell more comics! Our adopters experience growth that manifests in a steady, predictable income, and our software and resources help them manage their burgeoning sales.

Learn More About Manage Comics

If any of these benefits sound appealing, you owe it to yourself to learn more about how Manage Comics can simplify your life. Don’t pull another subscription until you’ve read our Manage Comics ebook, or take a longer breather to watch our comprehensive webinar. And if you still have questions, contact the Manage Comics team⁠—we’re confident that we have the software solution you didn’t even know you were looking for.