While the local groundhog weather predictions aren’t something you can really count on, one thing you can guarantee is that the new comics will bloom this spring. Check out February’s previews for comics shipping beginning April 2021.

Spotlight Titles:


Who are the scavengers of a dying earth? GEIGER is set in the years since a nuclear war ravaged the planet, desperate outlaws battle for survival in a world of radioactive chaos. Industry heavyweights Geoff Johns and Gary Frank of DC’s DOOMSDAY CLOCK reteam for what will be one of the most anticipated new series of 2021

Batman the Dark Knight

An epic tale begins that will take Batman on a harrowing, action-packed European adventure in a new miniseries by superstar creators Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert! A horrific tragedy in the United Kingdom sends a very personal and deadly message to the Dark Knight

Other Featured Previews:

Beasts of Burden Occupied Territory

The eight-time Eisner Award- winning comic book series blending fantasy and humor returns in a historical adventure blending Japanese and Western occult! An elder member of the occult-battling pack of Wise Dogs recalls a harrowing mission-in U.S-occupied Japan after World War II, a mysterious curse creates an army of crawling, disembodied heads which threatens to overwhelm the region.

Green Lantern

As this new Green Lantern series begins, the newly formed United Planets and the Guardians of the Universe hold an intergalactic summit to decide who can best serve and protect the cosmos from danger. With the entire landscape of the universe in flux, is this the end of the Green Lantern Corps…or a new beginning?


Across the vast Multiverse, those gifted with a ‘spark’ can tap into the raw power of Magic and travel across realms -they are Planeswalkers. When coordinated assassination attempts on Guildmasters Ral Zarek, Vraska and Kaya rock the city of Ravnica and leave Jace Belleren’s life hanging in the balance, a fuse is lit that threatens not just these three Guilds, but the entire plane of Ravnica.

Old Guard Tales Through Time (Mature)

Andromache the Scythian-a warrior over six thousand years old, who has fought more battles than she cares to remember-has kept one constant companion through her long lifetime of combather labrys. Andy’s battle axe takes many forms, and many lives, in its centuries at her side, a story told by THE OLD GUARD creators GREG RUCKA & LEANDRO FERNNDEZ.


After learning of the deadly League of Lazarus tournament, Damian Wayne has a new mission: winning the tournament and prove he is the greatest fighter in the DC Universe! But first he must find the secret island where its all going down! This brand-new solo Robin series will force Damian Wayne to find his own path away from both sides of his family!

Spider-man Spiders Shadow

WHAT IF PETER PARKER BECAME VENOM? Peter Parker once put on an alien suit that nearly destroyed his life – but what if he’d never taken it off? Ignoring every warning, Spidey embraces the dark symbiote! Haunted by terrible nightmares and exhausted by an endless barrage of bad guys, Peter can’t seem to catch a break these days.

Next Batman Second Son

A new miniseries by Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and artists Tony Akins and Travel Foreman begins! Readers now know that after the events of Future State, Tim Fox is the next Batman…but whats his origin story?

Way of X

THE WAY TO THE FUTURE OF X! Mutantkind has built a new Eden… but there are serpents in this garden. Some mutants struggle to fit in. Some mutants turn to violence and death. And the children whisper of the Patchwork Man, singing in their hearts…Only one mutant senses the looming shadows.

New Products:

ABLAZE – Cimmerian Iron Shadows in Moon – $5.35
ABLAZE – Trese Graphic Novel Volume 02 Unreported Murders – $22.77
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Phantom on Scan – $6.69
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Project Patron – $6.69
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Girls of Dimension 13 – $6.69
ANTARCTIC PRESS – Valkyrie Saviors – $5.35
AVATAR PRESS INC – Nightmares of Providence (Mature) – $9.37
BLACK MASK COMICS – White (Mature) – $5.35
BLACK MASK COMICS – Godkiller Tomorrows Ashes (Mature) – $5.35
DARK HORSE COMICS – Beasts of Burden Occupied Territory – $5.35
DARK HORSE COMICS – Cojacaru the Skinner – $5.35
DARK HORSE COMICS – Hellboy Universe Secret Histories Hardcover – $53.59
DARK HORSE COMICS – Cyberpunk 2077 You Have My Word – $5.35
DARK HORSE COMICS – Jenny Zero – $5.35
DC COMICS – Batman & Scooby-doo Mysteries – $4.01
DC COMICS – Batman by John Ridley the Deluxe Edition Hardcover – $24.11
DC COMICS – Batman the Adventures Continue TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Batman the Dark Knight – $5.35
DC COMICS – Batman the Dark Knight Detective Volume 5 TPB – $33.49
DC COMICS – Challenge of the Super Sons – $5.35
DC COMICS – Dark Nights Death Metal War of the Multiverses TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Flash Impulse Runs in the Family TPB – $46.89
DC COMICS – Flash the Death of Iris West Hardcover – $53.59
DC COMICS – Harley Quinn Black White Red TPB – $26.79
DC COMICS – Justice League Galaxy of Terrors TPB – $22.77
DC COMICS – Krypto the Superdog TPB – $13.39
DC COMICS – Next Batman Second Son – $6.69
DC COMICS – Robin – $5.35
DC COMICS – Rwby Justice League – $5.35
DC COMICS – Superman the Man of Steel Volume 3 Hardcover – $66.99
DC COMICS – Young Justice Book 2 Growing Up TPB – $33.49
IDW PUBLISHING – My Little Pony Transformers II – $5.35
IDW PUBLISHING – Canto & City of Giants – $5.35
IDW PUBLISHING – Godzilla Monsters & Protectors – $6.69
IMAGE COMICS – Geiger – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Old Guard Tales Through Time (Mature) – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Helm Greycastle – $6.69
IMAGE COMICS – Home – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Jules Verne Lighthouse – $6.69
IMAGE COMICS – Silver Coin (Mature) – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Summoners War Legacy – $5.35
IMAGE COMICS – Commanders in Crisis TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $22.77
IMAGE COMICS – Decorum Hardcover (Mature) – $53.59
IMAGE COMICS – Middlewest Comp Tale Hardcover (Mature) – $80.39
MARVEL COMICS – Mighty Valkyries – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Women of Marvel – $8.03
MARVEL COMICS – Way of X – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Squadron Supreme Marvel Tales – $10.71
MARVEL COMICS – Darkhawk Heart of Hawk – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Spider-man Spiders Shadow – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Spider-man Curse of Man-Thing – $6.69
MARVEL COMICS – Mmw Marvel Team-up Hardcover Volume 06 – $100.50
MARVEL COMICS – Amazing Spider-man by Nick Spencer TPB Volume 12 Kith and Kindre – $21.43
MARVEL COMICS – Champions TPB Volume 01 Outlawed – $24.11
MARVEL COMICS – Spider-woman TPB Volume 02 King in Black – $21.43
MARVEL COMICS – Iron Man by Grell Complete Collection TPB – $53.59
MARVEL COMICS – Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes Complete Collection TPB – $53.59
MARVEL COMICS – Dead Man Logan Complete Collection TPB – $40.19
MARVEL COMICS – Avengers Epic Collection TPB a Traitor Stalks Within Us – $53.59
MARVEL COMICS – Morbius Epic Collection TPB End Living Vampire – $53.59
MARVEL COMICS – Thor Epic Collection TPB Final Gauntlet – $53.59
Other Publishers – Many Deaths of Laila Starr – $5.35
Other Publishers – Magic – $6.69
Other Publishers – You Promised Me Darkness – $5.35
Other Publishers – Alice in Leatherland (Mature) – $5.35
Other Publishers – Lost Angeles (Mature) – $8.03
Other Publishers – Modern Frankenstein (Mature) – $5.35
Other Publishers – Strange Attractors (Its Alive) – $8.03
Other Publishers – Lev Gleason Presents – $13.39
Other Publishers – Unikorn – $5.35
Other Publishers – Blowtorch – $5.35
Other Publishers – Chess – $5.35
Other Publishers – Duplicant – $5.35
Other Publishers – Freakshow Knight – $5.35
Other Publishers – Carpenter Tales SciFi Hell (Mature) – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Galactic Rodents of Mayhem – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Locust – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Murder Hobo Chaotic Neutral (Mature) – $5.35
SCOUT COMICS – Snatched – $5.35
SOURCE POINT PRESS – 20 Fists – $5.35
TITAN COMICS – Minky Woodcock Girl Electrified Tesla (Mature) – $5.35
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who Missy – $5.35
VAULT COMICS – Radio Apocalypse – $5.35
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Grimm Spotlight Mystere Voodoo Dawn – $8.03
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Neverland Annual 2021 – $10.71
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Man Goat & Bunny Man – $8.03