On the Manage Comics Thoughtstream, we did a development update, talking about why we’ve paused the next phase of Beta stores until some major updates are complete. Our feature story was about Online Sales with Subscriptions, how Manage Comics streamlines the process, and what a subscription service should do for your ordering process.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Development update – where we are on the road map
  • New Features in Development
  • Review of Draft Orders and how they work
  • What a modern subscription system needs to look like (and why we’re building what we’re building)
  • Building a better online store, what you need, and how to build it
  • Q&A time
  • What to expect on future Thoughtstreams

We have 12 enhancements and 5 bugs to squash this week to get to the next set of stores. As we experience real world issues, we’re revising things to work the way that you work, and constantly improving things.

One example of a quality of life enhancement is changing the width of the “inner container” to full width so we get more screen real estate in the admin screens.

Shopify Admin Screen

Watch the Thoughtstream: Combining Online Sales and Subscriptions – The Manage Comics Thoughtstream

Read the blog posts the video is based off of:  6 Warning Signs You’re Doing Comic Subscriptions Wrong


Upcoming Thoughtstream Episodes:

Thursday September 23 – Road Map Review

Let’s celebrate our wins! We’re going to talk about all of the updates we’ve made to Manage Comics, where we’re going in the next two weeks, our new Beta stores that we’re working with, and when Manage Comics 2.0 will launch to the world!

Thursday September 30 – Beta Store Celebration

This week we’ll talk about some of our Beta stores, the success they’ve seen, the struggles they’ve faced, and what the overall outlook on Manage Comics 2.0 looks like. It’s a celebration of awesomeness!

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