It’s time for our monthly Office Hours for August 2022. We will answer your questions LIVE, as well as questions people have asked us offline. In addition, we’ll talk about what we achieved in August, a couple of cool milestones for Manage Comics, what our next goals are.

The questions we answered:

Do I have to pay the $2500 set up fee to use Manage Comics? – Alex

Why is the next button missing From my Check In? – Josh

does Manage Comics work fully with Shopify POS, or only the online store? – Paul

“Why are the layouts and functions different for the initial order screen and the FOC screen?”  I personally prefer the initial order screen setup and think it would be preferable for them both to operate the same. – Chris

Why does my Initial Order have zero quantities for everything? – Thomas

Can I clone a One-Shot from a Pre-Order? – Kirsty

Can we create a pull list before we Check In our items to get an idea what needs to be pulled before invoices arrive? – Danica

Why is our inventory in Shopify zero After Check In? – Paul

Can I change the FOC dates myself? – Joseph

Do you have plans to update the Customer side of Manage Comics? Some of my customers miss PUllbox. – Jeff

Why are some titles not being pulled? (Example: Daredevil, Nubia – Queen of the Amazons) – Ariana

Why do One-Shots show up with multiple entries instead of all on one page? – Randy