June was an awesome month for Manage Comics, we’ve made some pretty great changes to the All Titles page, we’ve updated the Special Orders page, and we put out some really great blog posts.

First up, All Titles – this page can be found on your store at https://managecomics.com/<your-store-name>/all-titles/ you’ll find a direct link in the footer of your shop page.

Footer - All Titles

Here’s the Example Shop’s all Titles page.  This page is printable, and it’s a quick way to find everything in your shop.

Special Orders update

We made some big changes to the Special Orders, and you’ll find our full help section on Special Orders over on the Help section.  We’ve made it easier than ever for your customers to add anything from the Diamond Catalogue to their list.

This new update means that customers can add variant covers, they can add action figures, statues, and apparel from the Diamond Catalogue, and it goes right onto their list.  You get to approve any special orders, and can give a reason when you decline an order.

Our Best Blog Posts

We published a couple of very interesting blog posts this month.

5 Key Takeaways from the Diamond Retailer Summit had some big moments from the annual summit (this year from Las Vegas).

5 Things You Need to Know about DC’s Year of the Villain is all about the ways DC’s Year of the Villain will impact sales on DC comics for the rest of the year.

Here’s an evergreen post that is always important, we’ve created an awesome printable tool that will let you encourage your customers to log in to their accounts for your store. How to Advertise your Manage Comics Subsccriptions.

Be on the lookout this week for our Diamond Previews Product updates which will go out this week (likely before Wednesday).

New Help pages!

We posted a bunch of new help pages, and by the end of the week we will have all of our help areas updated.




Coming later this week:


  • Products Added by Date
  • Recent Customer Changes
  • Revenue Report
  • Sales Tax Summary


  • Store Settings
  • Updating your Manage Comics Payments
  • Featured Slides
  • Nav Items
  • Store Messages
  • View Store

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