On this week’s Thoughtstream we talked our development update, we talked data, and had a pair of guests, Django from The Comics Place in Bellingham Washington, and Atom! Freeman of PranaDM.

Development Update:

  • Updating pictures on invoices (and using crowd sourcing to update images)
  • ISBN + 5, and a settings toggle
  • Older series subscriptions
  • FOC Numbers and updates to numbers
  • Unchecking all publishers bug

We’re currently working on Pre-Order approvals

  • Allowing customers to request items such as ratio variants
  • Letting store set prices
  • Customers accepting offers and creating pre orders

In marketing news, Manage Comics 2.0 is currently in 12 stores.

We’re adding more stores in the next week

Will start opening up wider once our next big project is complete

What We’re Working on Next

Draft Orders with custom items are not working the way we intended, so we are refactoring the subscription pulls system to work better.

  • Changing “Pulls” to a comprehensive “Check In” process
  • Importing all new products into the store
  • Stock tracking
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Enhanced shipping options

All About Comics Data

After that we went through an introduction to comics data, and we asked a series of questions.

  • Why Good Data is Important
  • What are the Current Issues with Data
  • What Data do we Need?
  • What are some Solutions

Django weighed in on what he is seeing in his dealing with a few legacy systems such as Moby, and what he’s experienced with data over the last several years.

Meanwhile Atom! came in with a different perspective from the POV of publishers and told us some ideas around that.

The whole show ran just over an hour, and I felt like it was one of the better Thoughtstreams so far. Guests make everything so much more interesting for me, and I love having people to bounce ideas off of.  Thanks to both Django and Atom for their contributions!

Watch the entire video