We haven’t posted much on the Manage Comics blog lately because we’ve been so busy getting things done. What kind of things? If you check the Manage Comics Changelog, you’ll see 3 entries, the last one being super beefy.

So what did we do?

December 6, 2021 -2021-12-06 Shopify Products Refactor

Pulls became Check Ins – Our biggest change was a complete overhaul of the pull system which also involved renaming the Pulls system to Check In – because we have entirely overhauled the entire back end system.We heard that sometimes you need to check in a single item, clicking on “Find additional items” will open up the search box that allows you to search by title, Diamond/Lunar code or even by UPC/ISBN.

Manage Comics now creates a separate “Subscription” product that doesn’t show up online (but is still available through the Point of Sale).  This is a bit of a workaround, but this gives us a lot of options in terms of figuring out sales velocity off the shelf vs Subscriptions.

We have also added an option to create orders AFTER the pulls have been done, in order to generate your Pulls when all books are in, rather than by pull.

We also made a few front-end changes, and a bunch of bug stomps.

December 8, 2021 – 2021-12-08 CSV Pulls Download and Customer Shipping Addresses

You can now download your pulls as CSV files after they have been pulled. Customers can set and change their shipping preferences, and all of the reports default to a 7 day time period.

December 23, 2021 – 2021-12-23 Data Fixes and Subscription Improvements

We fixed so much data!  PLUS we added the ability for you to change the price of an item on check in, Sort Initial Orders and FOC Orders, Improved Current Customer Totals, More details on the customer changes report, and we merge all draft orders together for a specific customer.

Recent Manage Comics Thoughtstreams

Store Appreciation – Major Change update.

We talked to Max of Shoebox Games and Sam of Dreamers & Make-Believers, our first two beta stores who have helped us immensely with figuring out what needed to be added to the system.

How we market Manage Comics

On December 23rd we ran a pre-recorded Thoughtstream with Craig from NorthIQ talking about how we market our own product.