In 2023, Manage Comics made significant strides in enhancing its software functionalities, catering to the specific needs of comic store owners.

We have posted a full summary on YouTube for you to check out if you want to see what a year of updates looks like.

2023 Year-End Review – Premiere December 21, 2023 at 4:00pm ET

Here’s a summary of our key accomplishments throughout the year.

January 2023

  • Introduced the ability to revert errored orders to ‘Pulled’ status and track exceptions.
  • Added ‘Alt’ and ‘Title’ attributes to all front-end links in Manage Comics 2.
  • Refined the initial order process for Diamond/Lunar/PRH uploads to show only items with quantities.
  • Simplified printing out customer lists.

February 2023

  • Enabled Canadian stores to use Universal Distribution for invoices.
  • Provided a file format option as in Manage Comics 1.0 for stores needing specific data.
  • Introduced an “Order History” report.
  • Improved the Initial Order PRH Download process.
  • Allowed stores to choose default locations for Shopify pulls.
  • Attended ComicsPRO 2023, meeting many store owners in person for the first time.

March 2023

  • Improved sorting by vendor in FOC Updates.
  • Addressed issues with pagination visibility.
  • Enabled sorting of Special Orders by Date or Customer Name.
  • Enhanced auditing for pre-orders.
  • Made several improvements to GeekFetch, including faster search, more search options, and updated data handling.

April 2023

  • Allowed pulling multiple issues of the same series in a single check-in.
  • Gave more control over button design to stores.
  • Made various visual changes to front-end pages.
  • Enabled form submissions using the enter key.
  • Ensured removal of Manage Comics code upon store uninstallation.
  • Initiated the comics metadata group formats and standards group with industry representatives.

May 2023

  • Added features to adjust quantities on pre-order approvals and clone series.
  • Improved recalculations of subscriptions on Orders/FOCs.
  • Enhanced GeekFetch with new functionalities like running specific queries and downloading results as CSV.

June 2023

  • Introduced features for international stores, including pricing matrix adjustments and currency symbol display.
  • Upgraded Shopify API for protected customer data.
  • Improved error notification within orders.
  • Updated GeekFetch with new features like One-Shot designation and public-facing product pages.
  • Conducted a Chicago Comics tour, meeting shops in Chicago AND northern Michigan.

July 2023

  • Provided international stores with currency override settings.
  • Addressed issues for stores with NULL locations.
  • Improved the import process from Manage Comics 1.0 to 2.0.
  • Enhanced customer import notifications for unimported items.

August 2023

  • Enabled sorting pre-orders by title and adding product links in various order interfaces.
  • Sorted covers by Issue Sequence Number.
  • Streamlined series code generation in GeekFetch/Manage Comics.

September 2023

  • Enhanced URL tracking from external mail providers.
  • Standardized the initial order and FOC order interfaces.
  • Improved terms of service formatting and editing options for Subscribed Product Shortages.
  • Added visibility for NET pricing.

October 2023

  • Introduced alerts for declined pre-orders and the ability to save customer notes.
  • Improved file naming conventions for downloads.
  • Met with The Illuminati, a group of store owners advising Manage Comics.

November 2023

  • Added features for text notes on pull lists and reports on Orders by Customers.
  • Enabled store customers to unsubscribe from marketing emails.
  • Facilitated product creation within the Check-In process.
  • Manage Comics turned 8!
  • The Manage Comics Reboot happened!

December 2023

  • Implemented the use of App Blocks for installing Manage Comics.
  • Expanded order placement options for international stores with Diamond UK and Universal Distribution.
  • Updated the software for Shopify API Version 2023-04
  • We started work on a big, huge marketing project for 2024

Overall, Manage Comics focused on enhancing user experience, improving data management and reporting capabilities, and expanding its functionalities to meet the diverse needs of comic store owners globally.