Facebook as a platform has over 1.3 billion users daily. If you are looking for a way to promote your products, then it’s likely that your market is there, but knowing where your market is, and knowing how to reach them are different things.

If you want to learn how to reach your audience and find new customers, then this guide is meant for you.

Here are seven foolproof ways to promote your products without a sweat.

Offer incentives for social activities on your business page

Growing your Facebook following while promoting your product is not as hard as it sounds. Social activities on your brand’s Facebook page are a great way of interacting and engaging your audience, all the while promoting your products.

For instance, you can hold a contest where the audience takes photos of themselves with one of your products and caption it with why they love it. It can also include a hashtag of the challenge and product.

The winner is the one with the most likes, and you reward them with a product or gift certificate. This can often be substantially cheaper than purchasing an ad, and will have the added benefit of being seen by people in your target demographic. You can also grow your following by having your audience follow and like your page for entries into the contest.

Make sure you review the Facebook guidelines to know what is acceptable for contests.

Testimonials provide “social proof” that others like your business

Testimonials appeal emotionally to people. They are a way of creating trust and promoting authenticity. For instance, getting a testimonial from your client together with an image of their haul from your store creates an emotional connection

You can encourage your favorite and most loyal followers to share a testimonial and use your product’s hashtags. That’s more likely to drive purchasing decisions and sharing between users. While you’re at it, have them deliver a review on your Google My Business page as well!

Don’t forget to reward your loyal followers!

There are always those followers on your Facebook page who like every image you post, comment when you ask a question, give feedback for your new products and take part in all your contests. These deserve a reward.

Letting them know you appreciate them by tagging them in photos and offering them exclusive deals on your products will encourage them to continue being loyal. They can share these little rewards with their followers, family, and friends, and the next thing you know, you are getting new followers.

Always remember to include a call to action on your Facebook ad copy

Sure, you may have a brilliant post, but your post will not be as effective without telling your customers what the next step is. Facebook has more than ten calls to action, and each one has its level of effectiveness.

When you go with a more sales-oriented CTA, you may get more clicks and more sales. For instance, you can include a ‘Sign Up’ call to action for your email list and a ‘Buy’ button after the product ad.

Excite your customers

Emotions play a massive part in driving our decisions. And there’s a cost-effective way of getting your fans excited about a new product launch from you. Sometimes, you have to make a big deal out of the product and let your followers know it’s coming soon.

Let your Facebook posts show just how much you and your fans are excited about it. Plus, you can ask the clients to provide feedback on what they want to see next and improve the ones you have. If they feel you are listening, then they will be as excited as you are about it.

For example, show a video promoting your next big release, include video of customers who are excited about the release.

Take advantage of the ad features available on Facebook

Sometimes you want to do more than just a post, you’ll want to actually promote your business outside of your existing followers.  To create the best ads, take advantage of the features from Facebook. These features usually have positive experiments done behind them that can bring in more clicks and sales. Plus, it can help you promote your products professionally and cost-effectively.

Use the built in tools in Shopify (or other eCommerce platforms)

Shopify has a built in platform for sharing directly to Facebook (see our post: Using Social Channels on Shopify), but they’re not alone.

If you’re using WooCommerce, make sure that you’ve hooked up the Jetpack Social Media plugin to share your products with your social media pages when you update.

While having a dedicated social media presence that you hand curate is important, it’s also important to create things that get updated automatically.

Creating a feeling of fear of missing out (FOMO) in ads is an excellent idea

Let your consumers know how great your product is. You can do this by posting fun videos and images of fans and users loving your product. For more effect, you can have a limited time offer for your product. For instance, you can offer the first 100 people to like and comment on your product will get a discount. With collectibles, scarcity is built in, make sure your customers know that you have a limited number of copies coming in, or that pre-orders will end by a specific date.

People tend to react more positively if they believe that not taking part is missing out on all the action. Who doesn’t like being where all the fun is? Entice them, excite them and give them a chance to participate in your social activities on your page.

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