The retail landscape has changed fundamentally in the last 18 months. The comic industry has grown with numerous vendors and distributors. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brick and mortar stores to close down as many turned to online shopping, and the time is ripe to change how we do things as an industry.

You need a POS system that connects with your online store and allows you to track sales and collect data on market conditions.

We’ve put together the five key reasons you need to transition to a modern POS system that supports hybrid retail (the combination of online and offline sales).

Ease of Use

As the retail industry embraces eCommerce, analog cash books are also giving way to digital touchscreen POS. Navigating a touchscreen POS has an intuitive interface and easy to use, helps to reduce time, and increases the productivity of employees.

The ease of use comes in the form of increased flexibility, intuitive user interface that improves the overall usability.

Greater Accuracy

A modern POS with an intuitive touchscreen is easy to use and ensures that the cashier has all the tools needs at the fingertips. It saves the hassle of manually keying in items and prices, which may create errors. A POS improves accuracy throughout the entire sales process using real-time data and saves cashiers of the need to manually upload or key in data into the database.

Improved Inventory Management

A modern POS has advanced sales technology and inventory management capabilities to allow you to keep track of your incoming and outgoing inventory. Proper inventory management ensures you have a strong supply chain and helps to stabilize market prices.

The inventory management capabilities of a modern POS helps you optimize sales and inventory cycle with streamlined stock transfers and automated replenishment that ensure there is enough stock at all time. With a modern POS, staff doesn’t have to spend time calling other stores to confirm the level of stock as the system is able to sync the inventory and updates automatically as stock is sold and new inventory updated. The POS terminal allows staff to view the level of stock across all stores in real-time.

A Scalable POS Solution

As the business grows and expands, there is a need to be flexible enough to adapt quickly to new changes. This can only be possible with a modern POS platform that allows you to attach new POS terminals to the existing one within a few clicks.

It is also possible and easy to create a new store and simply add another account to the existing POS. A modern POS allows you to create a separate store and simply create an extension. You can also easily close non-performing stores without much affecting other stores.

Expanded Payment Capabilities

A modern POS allows you to accept multiple forms of payment, including mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments (NFC). Accepting several forms of payment enables your store to tap into a larger customer base and increases revenue, and improves customer experience.

The digital retail market is embracing other forms of payment like card and mobile compared to the traditional market that mainly relied on liquid cash and in-person payment. In fact, research shows that 44 percent of customers prefer to pay using debit cards, while 33% prefer to use credit cards.

Putting it all together.

A modern POS is very valuable when it comes to organizing your comic store. It helps you run the business smoothly, develop deep connections with your customers, and make your business stand out. A POS software is also easy to use, allowing cashiers to save time and reduce errors.

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