Comics are a unique business, there is nothing else out there with a predictable, continuous model quite like comics. Every week customers come to the store, expecting to pick up their comics.

The problem is, they don’t know what they’ll be getting, and they don’t always know what will be coming up. Because of the very nature of comics, sometimes they miss stuff they would have bought because they weren’t aware of it.

As a retailer, you are missing out on sales if your customers aren’t aware of things they would be interested in.

Here are five reasons that comics customers love Manage Comics subscriptions.

1 — Know what I need to order

We will send you a “suggested email” every month that will let your customers know what has been added to your store, and what new comics they should be subscribing to. This gives them ample time to add new comics to their list and guarantees that they will get things they are interested in.

2 — Know what is ready for me

By logging in to their account, they know exactly what is waiting for them at your store. They know exactly how much the visit will cost them, and they can go ahead and pay for it right from the site!

3 — Find things that interest me

Your store has an easy to use search system that will let your customers find the comics they are interested in, and add them easily to their list.

4 — Have some control of my list

Customers like being able to see the things they have ordered, and they like to be able to make changes. Manage Comics has built-in rules that handle adds and drops, and will never leave you holding on to extra copies of comics you can’t sell.

5 — See my previous orders

Your customers entire history with you is on their order page, so they can go back and see what they ordered previously, and what they

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