Whether you’re promoting an event, or trying to find new customers, Twitter allows for an easy, personal touch when you promote stores and here’s how.

Want to announce a last-minute store event? Reveal a new product? Share breaking news?

You can talk to your customers in real-time with social media!

Previously, we discussed how to use Facebook to promote an event. Today it’s all about Twitter.

Keep reading for four ways Twitter helps business owners promote stores and talk directly to their customers.

1. Customers Can Find You

When you post information about products and services on Twitter, anyone can see it. Customize your account for your comic store audience, and they will find you.

Choose the Right @Name

Make sure the right people find you with a name that matches your brand. Your Twitter @name can be up to 15 characters. It’s permanent, so think carefully before you commit. Your profile name should help people find your business. If your store name fits, use it.

Twitter is an extension of your brand, so use a name that reflects the right image. Visitors to Twitter will form their first impression just like in real life.

Complete Your Bio

You have 160 characters to describe your business. Tell people what you plan to tweet about and why they should follow you.

Add your location and hours. Link to your website. Include a hashtag like #comicbooks, so you show up in searches.

Profile and Header Photos

Your profile picture appears on everything you tweet. Choose a visual that represents your company. The image should be 400 x 400 pixels.

Twitter suggests you think of your header photo as a billboard. The recommended image size is 1500 x 1500 pixels. Use the header to showcase products or upcoming events.

Now that your profile is optimized for your clients, let’s discuss how you’ll talk to them on Twitter.

The Manage Comics Profile Picture looks like this:

Manage Comics Profile Picture

The Manage Comics header looks like this:

Manage Comics Header Image

2. Start Conversations

Beyond telling potential customers what you sell, use Twitter to start conversations.

Ask questions or take a poll to find out what people do or don’t like about your store or products. Request feedback or opinions.

You can learn a lot about your clients by “listening” to them on Twitter.

When you post, use hashtags that describe your product or topic. Someone you don’t know may find you by searching for a hashtag. Relevant hashtags start conversations with potential customers.

Twitter for Business suggests you keep the focus of all your posts on the customer experience. Make sure your announcements and product posts are topics that interest your clients.

3. Provide Customer Care

People post praise and complaints on social media — a lot.

It can seem scary when someone complains on Twitter, but it’s a good opportunity for direct communication. Show your clients that you care.

Embrace the chance to talk with your customer and resolve the problem. (If the issue is personal, request they contact you with a private direct message or email.)

Solve a customer’s problem at the speed of the Internet, and you’re a hero. Everyone loves good customer service.

Every interaction is important, so acknowledge praise, too!

4. Customer-Focused Posts Promote Stores

No one wants to read a steady stream of promotional ads. Don’t just promote store events and merchandise — tell customers why it’s all about them.

Fill your feed with an assortment of retweets, news and product updates. Add photos of comic books or collectors. Announce events that benefit your customers.

Encourage your followers to participate by posting photos of their favorite comics, or opinions on a news story. Include your hashtag for wider exposure to potential followers and customers.

When you post information that focuses on your customers, you create value for them and keep them engaged in your business.

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