We all know that running a comic book store is complicated, right? For it to be successful, the owner needs to be constantly looking for unique ways to reach new customers. Although many comic book store owners struggle to find ways to expand their customer base, the answer is often in their pocket: mobile devices.

Within the past decade, mobile has become an extremely important aspect of all websites, including comic book websites. Why exactly is mobile so important? Well, for starters, mobile use has skyrocketed over the past decade. In 2008, adults spent only about 0.3 hours on their mobile and 2.2 hours on their computers daily. However, by 2017, the tables turned; adults were spending up to 3.3 hours on their mobile devices and only 2.1 hours on their computers. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you might want to spend some time making your comic book website more mobile friendly.

Tip #1 – Make Sure Your Website is Speedy

Regardless of what type of business you run, your website needs to be fast. This is especially true in the competitive comic book industry. A recent study shows that 53% of mobile users will exit out of a website if it takes more than three seconds to fully load. This means that if you have a slow website, you may want to switch to a new platform. By switching to a faster platform, a comic book store could potentially double their website visits.

Tip #2 – Make Key Pieces of Information Easy to Find

When organizing a website for your comic book store, owners will often get caught up with unnecessary pieces of information. Instead of overloading potential customers with useless information, keep it simple with the necessities. Your comic book store’s website needs to have pricing information, directions and a list of all locations. If possible, put this information on the homepage of your comic book store’s website. If you insist on burying the information on other pages, be sure to add links on the home page.

Tip #3 – Contact a Professional

Not all comic book store owners have time to make their business more mobile friendly. It can take days or weeks to become comfortable with different website platforms and the digital tools that come along with it. These factors can lead comic book store owners overlooking the importance of having a mobile friendly business.

Comic book store owners that are in this situation may want to consider hiring a professional. There are a number of businesses that can transform an inefficient website into an invaluable marketing tool. Many of these businesses can also help a comic book store owner create and use social media pages for their stores, our sister company NorthIQ has built online presences for a number of stores, including All New Comics.

You don’t need to have super powers to make your comic book website mobile friendly. There are a number of easy tips that any comic book business owner can utilize. First, your mobile site needs to be efficient and speedy. Next, it’s extremely important that the key information is easy for customers to find. Finally, comic book business owners need to make sure that their content is visible. Sadly, all of these changes require time and knowledge, which can be hard to come by. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you may have to call in a professional to make your comic book website more mobile friendly.

Making your comic book store’s website mobile friendly can be an uphill battle, even for those that have experience. To learn more about how to make your comic book store’s website more mobile friendly, be sure to contact Manage Comics.