Having a comic book store can feel like fulfilling a life long dream. You have everything ready to bring that dream to life, but there’s only one thing missing: customers.

How is a small business owner supposed to attract attention to themselves without a big advertising budget? The answer is simple, get the attention of the media.

How To Get Media Attention

Businesses of all sizes need some form of positive PR. Getting featured on a local blog or in a news story can do wonders for attracting customers. People may feel compelled to check you out after they see positive news about you.

So, how is the owner of a small comic book shop supposed to get the attention of the media? If you follow these tips, media attention will be hard to avoid.

Get Content Out There

Do you have an opinion on the latest Marvel movie? Is your store uniquely decorated? Can you make youtube videos about the latest fan theories going around the internet?

Creating content is a simple way to reach more potential customers and get the media’s attention. Sometimes all it takes are a few shares to go viral.

When you create content, make sure you’re promoting it as much as you can. Post it on your store’s social networks and use appropriate hashtags.

Also, don’t overlook the benefits of leaving great comments that have links to content you’ve made. Be sure to comment on popular pages and profiles that have a lot of followers.

Have Events

If you want to get the attention of the media, you have to be doing something newsworthy. Local news affiliates love talking about events in the community. If you want to get media attention and new customers, throw some fun events.

Is there a popular comic book movie out? Have a showing at your store.

Is there a comic book convention in town? Have an after-hours event at the shop to bring people in.

You don’t have to do an event that’s crazy to get attention. Do something fun that appeals to your target audience, and eventually, the coverage will follow. Also, be sure to promote the event on social media.

Reach Out The Right Way

If you want to get reporters to your next event or to do a story on you, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

A lot of local news affiliates will have sections on their website for people who want to request coverage for an event. Other websites will have reporters’ contact information displayed so you can reach out to them directly.

A polite email or different form of communication is always nice. But if you really want to better your chances of getting coverage, you need to master the art of press release writing.

Writing a press release is very easy once you get the hang of it. We could write a series of posts about press releases, but overall it’s important to remember to keep them short, informative, and no longer than one page.

Your Turn

Do you want to learn more about getting media attention? Do you have questions about marketing in general? Download our guide so we can help you out!