We have run surveys in 2019 and 2021 asking our Manage Comics customers about their experiences with the platform, and it’s time to ask you again what is it about Manage Comics you like, what do you dislike, and where would you like us to go next?

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Before we get started though, I just want to celebrate where we are right now. A year ago Manage Comics Classic was in about 120 stores, and 2.0 was in six stores. It was a nearly daily squashing of bugs and revamping of issues, and we were struggling…but the enthusiasm of our first six stores was infectious, we knew that we had the bones of something great, we just needed to work on it.

The system we have today is almost 100% different than the one we had a year ago, and we’re just getting started.  In the next few days we will release the Manage Comics Order Helper, our first official POS app.  We’re also putting the finishing touches on a Draft Orders for POS application that will blow away the other offerings on the market thanks to the learnings we’ve made with our Order Helper.  The team is also hard at work on a Shopify Product Reservation system that will allow us to FINALLY get rid of duplicate products.

That’s not to mention other things that we continue to release, like our upcoming Order History report, and so much more.

However, we need to recalibrate and make sure we’re building the right things, for the right people.  While we have an up to date Roadmap where you can vote on features that we promote often, we also know that these surveys often show us things we didn’t consider.

There are 6 sections to the survey.

Section 1 – Who are you? (3 questions) – We ask your email, name, and your store.

Section 2 – Ease of Use (10 questions) – We ask you how easy it is to do some common tasks.

Section 3 – Customer Usage (4 questions) – we ask if your customers use MC2, and what they use it for.

Section 4 – About your Business (4 questions) – Some questions around what your business used to use, and other systems you may use.

Section 5 – New Features (6 questions) – vote on some of our new features and let us know what you want.

Second 6 – Testimonials (5 questions) Finally, we’ll ask you for your overall happiness, and if you’d recommend Manage Comics to other retailers.

Your answers are super important to us.  The previous two surveys we did made massive impacts on the system we built, and this one will be the same.

You’ll hear from us on an upcoming ThoughtStream as we talk about the results of this survey.  Thank you so much for your time.

Take the Manage Comics 2022 Survey today