In 2018 we made more than two dozen major improvements to Manage Comics.  These included some huge things like Initial Order uploads to Diamond, and semi-automated pull creation. 

It also included revisions so that we could import Comixology customers, some revisions to accept Comixology data better, and even a few cool customer facing features (like special orders and issue numbers on invoices/pull orders).

We’ve got a ton of new features we want to add though, and we want to make sure that we’re going in the right direction. That’s why we’ve released the 2019 Manage Comics Survey (for stores). 

This survey will ask our store owners how much Manage Comics is helping their business.

We’ve also got a section on future updates. We are looking to prioritize our work for 2019, and knowing what matters most to you will help us figure out what we’re working on first.

Finally, we’re asking for testimonials. We’ve heard some amazing things from the people who use Manage Comics, and we want to start using those things to find new customers.

The more people we get using Manage Comics, the more we can spend on improving the system and making it even better!

Take the 2019 Survey