We’ve made some massive improvements to Manage Comics recently which have all launched as of August 26th, 2017.

Manage Comics is constantly being improved, and if you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see, please, get in touch with us and we’ll work to make things better.

Add images to all products — we have a new way to attach images to every product, and we can do it very quickly. We’ve also improved the image sizes so that they’re more in line with a comic.

Top Comics display accurate current numbers — while we were looking through everything we found a bug that didn’t display current top comics displayed.

Added US States to the database — welcome to Uncanny Comics Shop, our first US store, as a result of this we needed to add US States to the database.

Update to the “Activate” tab — To make it easier for people to activate their account we added the activate button at both the top and bottom of the subscription page.

Improved Search — We made a small change to search so that priority is on title. This means that when you search for “Batman”, you’re going to see Batman first! That just makes sense.

Store owners can now add new products even easier. — We simplified the addition of new products for when we import the massive list of new stuff every month.

When a customer changes their shipping address, an email goes to the store owner telling them the address has changed.

Newsletters can now be sent right from the store interface. — This has been a long time in coming. We built this feature right from the beginning, but it’s never worked properly. We put some time into refining it, and now it works the way we want it to.

As the super-admin, I’m also creating a global newsletter that individual stores can re-use, I will spotlight specific things every month, and stores can choose to import that content.

We fixed decimal places, I know it’s little, but it’s how we fiddle.

Customers with less than 10 subscriptions cannot choose weekly or bi-weekly shipping. We lose more customers who sign up for 3 comics, choose weekly shipping, and then get upset when shipping is too expensive.

Customers are also now charged value shipping on 4 or fewer comics (however if they choose Trades, then they still get charged normal shipping).

The biggest one. Taxes are now charged on product TYPES not at the product level. This was a huge problem for us, and it took quite a while to code for. As you can imagine, taxes are the single most complicated thing we do, so making sure this is right is very important to us.

We had to do this fix not only for Canada, where Saskatchewan has an exemption for comics, but also to better serve our American stores who have more complicated tax rules in place due to municipal taxes.

We will also be improving tax reporting so that American stores can better report on state vs municipal taxes.

What’s next for Manage Comics?

We are working on a ton of other improvements for Manage Comics, up next is a lot of stuff to help store owners manage their stores better.

The first few things are just for me to help handle Manage Comics better.

Instead of directly billing Manage Comics stores from the app, I’ll be using my accounting package to manage their recurring subscriptions. This will mean they’ll get a pretty invoice, and things will be much better.

I also need to administer the stores themselves better, making imports easier, and adding some fields to “removed from global”, which will make store management easier.

I will also be doing a few things that will make sure that someone can’t accidentally break their store.

We have a lot of changes planned that will make managing stores easier for our store owners.

  • As a store owner I want to use Stripe’s online payments system to accept payments.
  • As a store owner, I want to be able to select which shipping methods are available
  • As a store owner, I want a contact us page that keeps customer questions in Manage Comics
  • As a store owner, I want to add my social media sites to my page.
  • As a store owner, I don’t want to see cancelled orders in my main list.
  • As a store owner, I want my stores details in the meta description.
  • As a store owner, I want to upload and resize a Favicon/logo
  • As a store owner, if I have a physical location, I want to have 0 activation fee, but approve all new customers.
  • As a store owner, I want to let customers pay in my store and not track their purchase in Manage Comics.
  • As a store owner, if I have a physical store, I want to register a customer with email OR phone number
  • As a store owner, I want to be able to download the current customers total
  • As a store owner, I need to be able to sort by publisher on Current Totals
  • As a store owner, I want to be able to click my logo on my admin and see my store.
  • As a store owner I would like to be able to easily find a customer’s orders by searching for a customer
  • As a Store Owner I would like a report: Active Customers with Subscriptions
  • As a store owner, I want to automatically send out a reminder email 7 days after the first invoice has gone out
  • As a store owner, I want to send an email to a customer when their subscriptions drop below 10