BinderPOS - Dedicated Game Store Software

BinderPOS and Manage Comics combine to give your store Super Powers!

An End to End Hobby Store Solution

BinderPOS and Manage Comics combined provide you with a complete end-to-end solution that incorporates a top notch Point of Sale system, with a syncced up website, and incredible comics management for ongoing subscriptions.

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Manage Comics and BinderPOS

The BinderPos / Manage Comics Team Up

Thanks to the partnership between Manage Comics and BinderPOS, you get a single bill from BinderPOS, with one low price for Manage Comics, an additional $80/month, no matter how big you grow your store!

Fully managed new comic data, complete subscription management, and innovative billing tools for new comics as they come in, combined with the power of BinderPOS, it’s like having unlimited power at your fingertips!

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What does BinderPOS do?

BinderPOS is an online and offline solution that combines a point of sale system, with an online website that lets you manage events, track store credit, sell through many different channels, and track the thousands of SKU’s that hobby stores have on hand.



Allow users to create buylists on your website or process them through your POS

Credit Module

Simply manage your customers credit right through your POS, and sync it up with your website.

Singles Database

Fully automated CCG singles database with personalized settings for your store.

Social Media

Social media integration and tracking through one platform.

Event Management

Manage your upcoming events in the same system you do your e-commerce, and your point of sales!

Website Kiosk

Make your inventory more accessible for your customers.

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