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BinderPOS: A Solution for Dedicated Gaming Stores

BinderPOS is designed to improve your game store experience. With its game-store-specific features, BinderPOS helps you effortlessly streamline single Collectible Card Game sales, making it a good solution for dedicated gaming stores.

BinderPOS will track your inventory, sales, and makes connecting with your customers is a breeze. BinderPOS, helps relieve the pressure of manually organizing cards and struggling to keep up with customer demands.

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Manage Comics Subscriptions App

…Add on Manage Comics

Manage Comics works within Shopify to give your comics customers have accounts on your store, telling you exactly what they want. Their committment to ongoing issues means your ordering is super simple, and Manage Comics has tools to ensure you can order the right product, from the right distributor.

While there is not a direct link between the point of sale and Manage Comics, we have a number of workarounds that will help you get the most out of the combination.

With Manage Comics You Get…

Customers manage their own lists

Your customers have access to the tools they need to manage their own subscription lists, right inside of your website! Even more importantly, every comic listing on your site can be an advertisement for subscriptions with our “Subscribe to Series” button.


Pre-order Capabilities

Customers can create a special order for any upcoming product that is in our database of over 3500 new products per month! Whether it’s an upcoming single issue, or an awesome new statue, they can order it right through you!

Easy Product Checkin

Every week when new comics come in, you have a simple process for selecting what was released, what you got in, and who gets what. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes! Products are created in Shopify and sync right up to BinderPOS!

Streamlined Ordering Process

Ordering from distributors is a hassle, but we make it virtually pain free by providing you with Final Order Cutoff information, as well as initial order upload files. Ordering goes from a massive time sink, to something that can be done in minutes.

Invoicing and Billing support

Don’t get stuck with unsold product! Manage Comics has a simple invoicing process that let’s you use the power of Shopify’s invoicing system to send out invoices and get paid fast.

World Class Support

Not only do we have a spectacular help section that shows you everything you could ever want to know, but we’ve also got an online helpdesk that will get you answers faster than you thought possible!

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