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Manage Comics Reboot

Join us on Thursday, October 26th at 4pm ET / 1pm PT for our first reboot.  We’ll show off all the awesome things we’ve done recently, and preview the amazing things we’re working on!

Manage Comics is a better way to sell comics!

Manage Comics is the ultimate comics pull list software that simultaneously powers your website and your comic book store POS. It’s designed specifically for comic stores, and it integrates with Shopify to make online selling of comics, graphic novels, and related products easy!

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Manage Comics 2 is Part of your Online Store

Your customers use your website (not a third party service) to subscribe to comics collections, making ordering and payments super smooth – not to mention faster!

When your customers stick around longer or return to your website your brand is reinforced. That’s why Manage Comics offers a fully optimized comic store solution for you and a great experience for your customers.

About Manage Comics

When Brian Garside conceived a system for his comics shop back in 2005, he didn’t know he was laying the groundwork for what would become Manage Comics. Fast forward to 2015 and he took that system to the next level with a deep understanding of the comics industry, creating a comics pull list, comic book database and integrating with existing POS systems to enable the platform to grow from strength to strength ever since.

His forward-thinking mindset has allowed Manage Comics to stay ahead of the ever changing comic industry and develop into one of the best solutions on the market.

Challengers Comics and Conversation

Features & Pricing

Manage Comics lets you take charge of your comic book pull list and gives customers control over their subscriptions.

Our specialized ecommerce importing and POS features customer subscriptions easy again. All you need is a Shopify account.

Manage Comics takes less than 8 minutes to set up, and instantly gives you an all-around solution for your comics pull list management, allowing your shop to check in and manage multiple shipments stress-free.

Get Started with Shopify

Manage Comics requires a Shopify store to get started.

We proudly recommend Shopify as the best in class of e-commerce solutions, with an easy to use platform that is powerful and incredibly customizable all while being safe, robust, and practical.

Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

The Longbox of Comics
Help with Manage Comics

We’re Here to Help

Manage Comics stands out from the rest – our top of the line support ensures all queries sent to us are triaged within minutes.

Though we don’t offer 24/7 support, our knowledgeable team is available in the evenings and weekends to make sure your comics store is running just as it should be.

We’re constantly monitoring servers to ensure high availability. Our deep knowledge base has all the answers you’re looking for in case you have bigger questions, ensuring you can get back to comics in no time.

Store Locations

Manage Comics has been adopted by over 150 locations – from mom-and-pop stores to major comic book hubs – and we’re committed to expanding our reach even more.

In 2023, we plan to bring our innovative POS and pull list software solutions to even more comics retailers, allowing them to benefit from our reliable inventory management tools and create an immersive comic enthusiast experience for their customers.

Manage Comics Turns 7
Canadian Businesses – get online today!

Canadian Businesses – get online today!

At Manage Comics, we understand that the world of online business can be daunting for small and medium businesses. That’s why we are always looking for ways to help our clients make their transition into the digital market easier. The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) grant offers a great opportunity to do just that!

Manage Comics Q1 2023 – Quality of Life Updates

Manage Comics Q1 2023 – Quality of Life Updates

Rather than tackling a big project for the beginning of the year, we decided to take all of our small fixes and bundle them up into a series of releases that we would produce over the first three months of 2023.  This led to 18 individual changes, including 3 changes that we’re doing final tests on before releasing out to the world.

Introducing Meanwhile…at Manage Comics

Introducing Meanwhile…at Manage Comics

Meanwhile…at Manage Comics replaces the Manage Comics Thoughtstream. Inspired by classic business columns inside of DC and Marvel Comics (“Meanwhile…” at DC and “Stan’s Soapbox” at Marvel), we’ll talk about industry news, Manage Comics news, data issues, and so much more.

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