Manage Comics Makes Your Store Better

Manage Comics 2.0 is subscription and e-commerce software designed specifically for comic stores.

Manage Comics can help sell your comics online, enable your customers subscribe to more comics, improve your ordering, and help you get paid faster! 

Comic Pull List Software for Comic Stores

Subscriptions are hard for you to manage, but they are the heart of every comic shop’s business model. You need a foolproof way to manage your subscriptions. Learn more about our Comic Pull List software.

Shopify eCommerce Software for Comic Stores

You need to be able to sell anytime, anywhere, and a Manage Comics Shopify website can quickly and easily make that happen. Learn more about Shopify for Comic Stores.

How does Manage Comics help your shop?

Find New Customers

Attract new customers by offering a convenient and customizable way for readers to receive their favorite comics on a regular basis. This can be especially appealing to readers who may not live near a physical comic book store or who prefer to shop online.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Generate recurring revenue by offering subscribers the ability to create and update their own subscriptions. This can provide a steady stream of income for retailers, as well as help to ensure that they are able to consistently meet the demand for popular titles.

Manage Inventory Better

Manage inventory and reduce the risk of overstocking. By allowing customers to select the specific titles and quantities they want to receive, retailers can more accurately forecast demand and avoid excess inventory. This can help to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

See Manage Comics in Action

Check out our full demo which will walk you through the entire Manage Comics system and show you exactly how the system works, and what it will look like in YOUR store.

What is a Comic Pull List?

The term “comics pull list” is thrown around a lot, but what are they, how do they work, how do you set one up, and what are the pros and cons of a comic pull list?

Pull Comics Easily And Efficiently

Pull Comics Easily And Efficiently

Pulling comics has never been this easy. You’ll save hours of time and effort every single month!

  • Select what has come in, update prices or exchange rates, and simply click a button
  • Get a beautifully formatted list ready for you to read and manage
  • Choose to view it as a “per customer” list, or by title
  • Let your customers know what has been set aside for them every single week

Give Customers Control Over Their Subscriptions

  • User-friendly interface lets customers pick from thousands of titles that are available for subscription
  • Set the terms between adding or deleting a title and when it is pulled, and they see what they will be getting
  • Send out updates to them by email letting them know that new products are available to subscribe
Pull Comics Easily And Efficiently
Comics in The Palm of Your Hand

Full Shopify Integration to Boost Online Sales

  • Simple setup process gets Shopify fully integrated so you can get selling online quickly
  • No need to learn design or coding, fully designed for a busy store owner to run
  • Choose suppliers, categories, and even publishers
  • Customers can even choose variants

Join The Growing Community of Manage Comics Stores

The best and successful comic stores use Manage Comics. With stores in Canada, Europe, and the USA, you'll find a store in your area who uses Manage Comics (which means their customers never miss an issue).

The Manage Comics Blog

2022 Manage Comics Survey
Manage Comics 2022 Survey Results

Manage Comics 2022 Survey Results

Back in October of 2022 we ran a survey with our Manage Comics customers where we asked their feedback on the state of Manage Comics, where they'd like us to go, and what we should focus on next.

In the survey we asked overall what people would like to see, and weighted what they would like to see.

Manage Comics Turns 7
Manage Comics turns 7 years old!

Manage Comics turns 7 years old!

Today, November 1st, Manage Comics celebrates 7 years.  In November 2015, we launched Manage Comics to the entire All New Comics subscription base (around 120 customers at the time), giving them better tools than they had before to manage their subscriptions, and creating a platform that would be able to bring on many more stores.