Manage Comics is the Ultimate Comic Shop Solution

From customer management through the in-store checkout experience, Manage Comics is the best way for the modern comic shop to sell comics! Marketing, online and offline sales, subscriptions, and more. We provide a simple solution that just makes sense.

5 Star Review Team

5 Star Reviews:

We’ve got more than a dozen 12 star reviews in the Shopify App Store, like this one:

I was very hesitant to move my site into Shopify so I could start using Manage Comics, but now that it’s all done, I can tell you I cannot imagine going back.

Almost instantly I saw customers add more books to their subscriptions and weekly tasks have become much quicker to accomplish.

– Hill City Comics

Manage Comics is the better way to sell comics!

The ultimate pull list software TEAMS UP with Shopify, the best e-commerce software in the world, and Shopify’s state of the art Point-of-Sale terminal to fundamentally transform your business. Manage Comics is designed to work with all kinds of different hobby shops from straight comic stores to hybrid game, cards and comics stores.

Meet Bob’s Comics!

Bob has a busy store, managing comics has never been easier…because of Manage Comics! Now he seamlessly creates distributor orders, manages his customer subscriptions, checks in weekly shipments, and cashes his customers out all with the help of Manage Comics!

Bob’s customers LOVE Manage Comics!

In the dark days, Bob had to manage each customer’s pull lists, they’d hear about something cool and forget about it by the time they came into Bob’s shop.  Not anymore! Now customers can manage THEIR OWN LISTS, and Bob gets notified of any updates that have been made!

Bob’s customers stay on his website!

Manage Comics is built right into Bob’s website, and every product page on his site has become a listing for comics subscriptions. Stock is synchronized between online and offline stock, and Bob can even select which items he shows on the site vs POS!

Manage Comics works directly with distributors!

We manage all of the product data so that you don’t have to.  We update our data multiple times a week, and every product is created on your website with all of the relevant titles, images, price and metadata.  You can add hundreds of new comics every week in seconds!

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