The Manage Comics Webinar

Learn all there is to know about Manage Comics

comiXology’s Pull List is gone!

The comiXology Pull List app was retired on March 31, 2018, but we can help you.

Introducing Manage Comics, we are pull list software for comic stores that makes subscriptions easier to manage, gives your customers control over their own lists, helps you improve your ordering, and ultimately makes your store more money.

Register for our next Webinar, April 26th at 2pm ET.

The Manage Comics Webinar will give you a walkthrough of the entire interface, show you the client area, and give you an overview of the admin area to show you the power of Manage Comics.

This LIVE webinar features a 30 minute presentation and live Q&A during recording, so you’ll also hear answers to questions from other people just like you.

We’ll specifically talk about:

  • What a customer sees, the client area, and the customizations you can expect
  • The catalogue, why we maintain a streamlined version of Diamond’s catalogue
  • Ordering (how many comics do you need)
  • Pulls – figuring out who gets what
  • Adding new titles
  • Billing – Optionally letting people pay for their orders online Reports (taxes etc for those who you bill)

You can also ask questions during the webinar and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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