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Make More Money from Comic Subscriptions

Whether you’ve been using the Comixology Pull List App, or you’re just trying to figure out a better way to manage your comic subscriptions, Manage Comics can help your customers subscribe to more comics, improve your ordering, and help you get paid faster!

Watch the WebinarSee how Manage Comics can replace comiXology

Your comiXology’s Pull List data will be gone April 26th!

comiXology’s pull list was retired on March 31st, but you can still get your data until April 26th. See the Manage Comics Webinar to learn how Manage Comics can replace comiXology’s pull list for your store.

comiXology is closing their pull list portal forever on April 26th, that means you’ve only got a few weeks to get your data off their system.  The good news is, Manage Comics can import your entire customer and pull list over to our system!  You won’t lose a thing.  Even better, we’ll do that initial setup for free!

While comiXology’s solution was the go-to resource for years, there are new features offered by Manage Comics that improve substantially upon the Pull List service. Some of the most appealing new features include a customizable storefront, automated billing, marketing email messages and more. Additional information About Manage Comics and the new features and services offered is available on the website.

Our on demand Webinar will give you a demonstration of all of the benefits of Manage Comics, and you can ask your own questions during the webinar.

You Sell Comics

Subscriptions are at the heart of every comic shop’s business model. They guarantee return trips from your customers, and it makes it easier for you to predict what you need, and when you need it. The problem is subscriptions are hard to manage.

Customers Want Control

Your customers want to know what they are getting, and when they are getting it. They want to be able to order new things, and they want to see what they have waiting for them. If you give them control, they feel more loyal to you.

Keeping Up Is Hard!

Most people don’t even know what’s available! Previews is a huge catalogue filled with things that may or may not interest them. Store shelves give you an idea of what’s out, but not what’s coming up, and nobody can follow all of the news on all of the websites.

Pull Comics Easily And Efficiently

Pulling comics has never been this easy. You select what has come in, update prices or exchange rates, click a button, and get a beautifully formatted list ready for you to read. You can choose to view it as a “per customer” list, or by title. You can even let your customers know what has been set aside for them every single week.

Manage Comics Admin Subs
Manage Comics Subscriptions

Give Customers Control

Let your customers manage their subscriptions.
The Manage Comics interface lets customers pick from hundreds of titles that are available for subscription. You set the terms between adding or deleting a title and when it is pulled, and they see what they will be getting.

You can send out updates to them by email letting them know that new products are available to subscribe.
Coming soon – Manage Comics will suggest things they might be interested in based off their existing subscriptions.

Comics in the palm of your hand

Management on the go!

The Manage Comics website is fully mobile, that means you can manage the admin interface from your phone or tablet, and your customers can add or modify their lists right from their mobile devices!

Best of all, your comic shop is open 24/7, they don’t need to call or email you to make a change, and you get notified about list changes every day.

Pay with Manage Comics
Getting Started With Manage Comics Guide

Manage Comics Makes You Money!

In-Store subscriptions have never been this easy, your customers will be happier, you’ll get paid faster, and customers will discover more of the products they love.

We can show you how easy Manage Comics is to use in a live, interactive demo. If you can use a computer, you can use Manage Comics! We’ll also keep you updated about the new features of Manage Comics.

The Manage Comics guide is a 10 page “Getting Started” guide that will show you how easy Manage Comics is to implement, and how quickly you can be making more money with subscriptions at your store.

The Manage Comics Guide

See Manage Comics in Action

Manage Comics is a subscription tool for comic shops that helps store owners reduce costs, improve recurring revenue, and ultimately make more money!

Get The Guide, Find Out More

We want to show you what Manage Comics can do for your shop.

This guide will show you:

  • How Manage Comics makes your job easier
  • How Manage Comics makes you more money
  • How you can pull your weekly comics
  • How you can bill comics to your customers
  • How customers can find new comics
  • Which reports come with Manage Comics
  • What Manage Comics looks like for a customer
  • …and much, much more!

The Manage Comics Blog

The Stores of Manage Comics

Manage Comics is worldwide, with stores in Canada, the United States of America, and even Australia using Manage Comics!

All New Comics

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Uncanny Comic Shop

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Off the Wagon Shop

Kent, Ohio, USA

AJ's Comics

Colchester, CT, USA

The Portal Comics and Gaming

Bethlehem, PA, USA

Tales of Tomorrow

Farmington, New Mexico, USA

Spoiler Alert

Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Quality Comics

Perth, WA, Australia

Gryphon Games and Comic

Fort Collins, CO, USA

Lobo Comics and Toys

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Challenges Games and Comics

Atlanta, GA, USA

The Realm Games and Comics

Brea, CA, USA

Capital Comics MD

Annapolis, MD, USA

Docking Bay 94

Coconut Creek, FL, USA

Bazinga Comics Guernsey

St Peter Port,Guernsey, UK

Nightmares to Fairytales

101W. 2nd St, Waverly. OH

Zia Comics

1300 El Paseo Suite E1, Las Cruces, NM

Atlantis Games & Comics

2862 Airline Blvd, Portsmouth, VA

Mission: Comics and Art

San Francisco, CA, USA

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